The Pemaquid Fishermen's Co-Op is a working fishermen's cooperative offering to lobster & shrimp fishermen (and clammers) gas, diesel, marine services, catch storage and wholesale marketing, boat haul-out and equipment storage.

We are located at latitude: N 43° 52.933' and longitude: W 069° 31.117'. Contact us on VHF Channel 06.

Co-op stockholder membership requirements were revised in 2013 to include the following:

  • The new member must fish full-time for a three year period (defined as fishing for a minimum of five months per year) in which the individual will agree to adhere to all working by-laws of the Co-op.
  • The new member will, at the end of a three year period, have his/her name brought up at the next scheduled stockholders' meeting to be voted on as a stockholding member.
  • The new member will agree in writing that if he/she should be removed, leave of his/her own free will, or retire, his/her stock shall be sold back to the Co-op at par value.
  • The new member will agree to serve on the Board of Director

Co-op members and new members are entitled to participate in the following bonus scheme, based on poundage sold through the Pemaquid Fishermen's Co-Op:

  • For Patrons selling up to 15,000 pounds --$0.25/lb.
  • For Patrons selling between 15,001 - 19,999 pounds of lobster --$0.30/lb.
  • For Patrons selling over 20,000 pounds of lobster --$0.35/lb

Alternatively, Co-op members and new members may elect to participate in our innovative 2013 Bonus Trap Purchase Program, which also is based on poundage sold through the Pemaquid Fishermen’s Co-Op. Click here to learn about our innovative, 2013 BONUS TRAP PURCHASE PROGRAM, to build YOUR business!

Please contact Wayne or Ann with questions regarding membership in the
Pemaquid Fishermen's Co-Op.

E-Mail Wayne at:
E-Mail Ann at:
Phone: 207-677-2801
Fax: 207-677-2818
Cell: 207-350-0781 (Wayne)


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