View from the Pemaquid Lobster Co-Op at dusk

The Pemaquid Fishermen's Co-op is one of the oldest continuously operating fishermen's co-operatives in America. It seems somehow fitting, since it is located in the same harbor where Capt. George Weymouth in 1605 wrote about the abundance of fish in the area. In his journal he stated "We drew with a small net of twenty fathoms, very nigh shore; we got about thirty very good and great lobster".

In May of 1947, a group of fishermen from Pemaquid met to discuss forming a co-operative fishermen's association. It was agreed that the organization could be beneficial to the area fishermen. Twenty-eight fishermen purchased shares that evening, officers were elected, and the Pemaquid Fishermen's Co-operative Association was born. Fishing and marine supplies were bought and a co-op store was established.

Through the years that the Co-op has served its customers and its membership, land was purchased, a dock was built, and a restaurant was added. The restaurant features lobsters and clams caught daily with an overlooking view of the entire harbor. In the words of one visitor, "I don’t just get great lobster here, I get great lobster with a view!"

Located on the Pemaquid Harbor side of town, the Co-op could be considered off the beaten path, which some would say is another added advantage. Once its customers find it, they will not forget where it is.

As Captain Weymouth did almost 400 years ago, visitors are still coming to Pemaquid Harbor for "great lobster". There is, however, no need to bring a net. The Pemaquid Fishermen's Co-op has already caught them for you.

by Russ Lane, Jr. Member – Retired

Traps stacked on the Co-Op's wharf, ready to be loaded aboard a lobsterman's boat

Some of Our Members

Mike Young is the first participant in our new lobster trap program.

Lobsters aren't the only fish that the Co-op handles.  Above, Charlie and Tom are two of the Co-op's clammers, and below, their catch for the day.

Dana Russell, a Co-op member aboard his lobster boat Knot Again, preparing to set some of his traps for the season.


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